A Healthy Perspective: Lessons From Some Leaves

Nov 04, 2013
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It’s fall y’all!!! While the peak of autumn has already come and gone in my home state of New Hampshire, my favorite season has finally arrived in Alabama, my current state of residence.

It’s no secret fall is New England’s best season. The cool air, the colors, the festivals, the apples…it’s just blissful. The locals know that October is “leaf-peeping” season, when all the tourists from New York and below travel north to, well, look at leaves. Seriously though, they’re that gorgeous.

Fall in Alabama is, well…not quite as breathtaking. I was upset for the majority of September and October when I would break a sweat walking to my car after class and my nature hikes continued to consist of greens and browns and my sweaters remained neglected in the bottom drawer. I was lamenting to a new friend the other day about how unimpressed I was with the AL version of my coveted time of year. As it turns out, this friend just moved from Florida and was completely blown away by the beauty of fall in Birmingham.

That got me thinking about the impact of perspective. My Floridian friend was gleefully skipping about in the “cool” air drinking pumpkin spice lattes and snapping pictures of foliage. I was trudging around town wishing I was somewhere else wearing a scarf. What was keeping me from enjoying the good things in front of me and causing me to waste a whole season of life? An unhealthy perspective!  Everything is relative and I was choosing the wrong side of the “better fall/worse fall” relative perspective.

It’s so important for our health to focus on the better…the good. In people, places, and events. To focus on what we have… a brain that works, a warm bed, an opportunity. This doesn’t come naturally to most human beings so it may take practice and energy. It’s a choice and usually it’s the harder one.

Luckily for me, since the Alabama fall didn’t arrive until last weekend I still have some time to refocus and enjoy it.  I saw some lovely red leaves on campus this morning. I bought a candle that apparently smells like a “fall hayride.” My roommate and I carved a pumpkin! And come February/March I’ll definitely be glad I live in Alabama and not New England!

How do you refocus your thoughts and keep a healthy perspective? Any tips or tricks to staying positive throughout the day, week, years in the midst of any circumstance?

Author: Katie Henley