Rock, Paper, Scissors….RUN!

Oct 02, 2013
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As we have found out before, finding group games for youth that are wheelchair friendly can be difficult. Here is an example of one that we use at Lakeshore in our F.R.E.S.H. (Fitness, Recreation, Exercise, Sports, and Health) program.  This is one we like to call “Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors”. The kids seem to love this game, as well as our staff members. It requires no equipment, unless you wish to use sport chairs instead of everyday chairs, and is played on a regular sized basketball court.

To play this game, we divide the kids into two, equal teams. Once the teams have been chosen, they then huddle up and choose rock, paper, or scissors. Our sign for rock is ducking your head and putting your arms over your face, like a ball or a rock. For paper, we stick both arms straight up in the air. Finally, for scissors, we make a giant scissor motion or “alligator” arms out in front of us.

Once each team has secretly chosen their move, they both line up “toe to toe” or “chair to chair” down the half court line of the basketball court. The facilitator will count down and when the facilitator says “GO!” both teams throw up their sign. LFkidosNow, rock beats scissor, scissor beats paper and paper beats rock, just like in a typical game. But this version has an extra element to it. After the signs have been thrown, it then turns into a wild game of tag!

If team A picked rock, and team B picked scissors, then team A will chase team B back to their “safe zone”. This zone can be wherever you choose. We have designated the key of the basketball court to be the safe zone. If any player on team B gets tagged before they make it to their safe zone, they then become members of the opposite team! Play continues until there is only one person left on a team and they get tagged.

This is a game anyone can play and enjoy. The only modification we have used is one for tagging people. If the participant has limited range of motion, a high level of spasticity, or weaker upper body muscles you can use a pool noodle for them to reach out and tag their fellow participants. We have cut the pool noodle down so it is about two feet long. This way they can still fully participate in the activity and have fun with their friends! So, what is your favorite games to play?

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Author: Meagan Rowe

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