How to Fight Insomnia

Aug 29, 2013
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Sleep is a huge part of our lives—(about 33% actually,) and it’s vitally important that we get enough of it. Yet for many of us living in this world of 24/7 TV, internet in the palm of our hand, and the 40 hour work week, getting a good night’s sleep tends to take a back seat. Sleeping has become such a low priority that many of us actually have trouble doing it these days! In fact, insomnia has recently been declared a “national epidemic” by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. If you fall within the demographic of people getting less than six hours of rest per night, sleeping can feel like a luxury you just can’t afford. But the truth is that by making a few simple lifestyle changes, you can get the rest that you need, and feel healthier and happier because of it!
Get Some Exercise:
Physical activity is a great way to keep healthy and fit, plus a vigorous workout will leave your body tired and ready for rest. Just avoid exercising too close to bedtime, since mood-boosting endorphins may leave you too energized to fall asleep immediately afterwards.
Watch What You Eat:
Believe it or not, food and drink can have a big impact on your sleeping habits. If you have a large meal shortly before going to bed, it can be even more difficult to fall asleep, especially if you tend to get indigestion. It’s also very important to avoid caffeine if you suffer from insomnia. Even if you drink a cup of coffee during the daytime, it can still make dozing off more difficult, as caffeine’s effects can last for six to eight hours. Drinking a lot before bed is also not a good idea, as that way you’re more likely to have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and may have trouble falling back asleep.
Chill Out:
Excess stress you feel during the day can sometimes stay with you when you lay down to sleep, and struggling to push away your worries can actually only make it worse, as it releases body chemicals that act as stimulants. Instead of fighting to keep your mind blank while you’re lying in bed, try doing some calming exercises before you get under the covers. Yoga, meditation, or a hot bath are all great things to do for relaxation a couple of hours before bedtime. If you can’t help but run over your to do list while you’re lying awake, keep a pen and paper next to your bed so you can jot these things down, and then go to sleep.
Even if it seems like you have no time in your day, never underestimate the power of sleep. By overcoming your insomnia and allowing your body to rest, you’ll be doing wonders for both your mental and physical health, and your brain and body will thank you. Do you think you get enough sleep? What’s holding you back?




Author: Elena Watson