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Jul 24, 2013
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Congratulations!  You are hot, sweaty, and accomplished after just completing one gratifying workout!  You pushed through, accomplished more than you set out to do, and now you feel……EXHAUSTED.  So what do you do?  Lie down and go straight to sleep?  Treat yourself with your favorite not-good-for you food?  Begin worrying about how sore you will be tomorrow?

One of my least favorite things about working out is the next day pain—where your muscles feel like jello and everything just seems to be so sore!  But I have good news!! Over the years, taking care of myself post-workout has been a goal of mine, as what you do immediately after a workout can GREATLY effect those next day ailments (in a positive way)!

First, it is important to hydrate!  You just sweated out some awesomeness and need to refuel, so you can feel great tomorrow!  Did you know one of the best drinks you can consume after a workout is milk, more specifically CHOCOLATE milk?!? (Keep it at 1% though).  If you don’t like milk, pure coconut water is also a great option, because the drink is full of potassium!  If you didn’t know, lack of potassium can lead to nasty Charlie horses, so coconut water is a good to have around…

Speaking of potassium–bananas can be part of an excellent after workout snack or meal!  Eating relatively soon after a workout helps curb pesky cravings and overeating.  My favorite after workout snack is oatmeal, peanut butter, and a banana!  I just mix everything together, and I have carbohydrates, protein, and potassium covered!  For those who may need something a little quicker, I enjoy LUNA bars.  They keep me full and taste good, too!

And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE work your cool down into your workout!  This is the BIGGEST mistake I make after working out.  A cool down rejuvenates the muscles to help with that stiff feeling the day after and future injuries.  When reading about proper exercise care, I found that sometimes a person’s injury is sometimes masked by a disability; therefore, prevention is so important! Patricia McClintock recommends partner stretching for any non-functioning muscle, and I recommend it in general!  My personal trainer would always leave time for my fellow trainees and I to partner stretch at the end of our workouts.

When I take better care of myself post-workout, I am more likely to get out there the next day and get to it again!  Soreness and injuries can be a huge pain, but you can definitely be proactive by implemented good post-workout care!

How do you cool down after a workout? What snack have you found to help you feel most rejuvenated? Anyone drink milk after workouts like me? Check out the links below!


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Author: Julia Venable

  • bobl07

    I typically prefer to drink water after my workouts. At times, I will drink chocolate milk. After rugby competitions I usually consume water & some type of sports drink. It is also important to eat something like either a banana or a granola bar. Remember to stay away from sweets and sodas. Junk in is junk out!

  • Julia Venable

    @bobl07:disqus water is usually mine, but milk is a close second!