Yoga is my favorite! What is Yours?

Jul 16, 2013
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I must start my post with an honest statement; I have been through droughts in my fitness life.  After years of two-a-days and individual workouts after my team workouts, I found myself faced with the challenge of not having a structured workout schedule to mold to my life.  And I will admit, this was hard for me and still is some days!  On those early mornings before work or those late nights after my graduate school courses, sometimes the last thing I want to do is workout.  But I know deep down I have to hold myself accountable, and why shouldn’t I?

In my human development course we learned about the human body and mind throughout life.  A common theme started to develop as my professor explained what could prevent or deter ailments and diseases: EXERCISE!  Sitting in that classroom I knew I needed to develop a way to make exercise an integral part of my life–not just something I do when I feel I have had too many Cheetos.

So, my advice to those who may feel like they yo-yo between workout fiends and couch potatoes is when you are in that latter stage, get up and get moving!  It doesn’t have to be a hardcore workout; you don’t even have to go to the gym!  Just turn on some music and start dancing, lift some weights while you watch television, or practice some yoga moves equivalent with your expertise (sometimes even lying in corpse pose for a while helps me)!  I find when I start that initial push of movement; I usually want to keep going.

If I feel like working out is a chore, I do not enjoy it.  But when I remind myself of the positive benefits and understand that working out is me taking care of myself, I love it!  Loving myself is taking care of myself whether if it’s how I eat, how much I sleep, or how much I workout!  If I want to get the most out of life, working out must be a lifelong commitment.  However, I am not naïve enough to think I am one of those people who will always be motivated to head to the gym, so sometimes my workouts take a little bit of creativity.  But then again, sometimes the most creative workouts are the most fun!

So, what is your favorite creative exercise? What exercise gets you moving?


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Author: Julia Venable

  • bobl07

    My exercises become creative with my intensity and by using weights to increase my workout load. I also with add a task while I at the same time doing an exercise. An example is that while doing arm circles, I will sit on a bosu to work on my balance.

  • dottielo

    Good advice-If you aren’t enjoying exercise, try something new. There are many options! “Cross-training” is good for your mind and for your body. Doing something other than sitting has many benefits. Try to have enough variety so that you improve your strength, flexibility, cardio, and emotional health.

  • dottielo

    My chiropractor recommended the pose in your picture:)

  • Julia Venable

    @dottielo:disqus Good to know! Yea, my father thought that was me in the photograph; I think he needs some new glasses!

  • Julia Venable

    @bobl07:disqus adding more tasks is a good recommendation! Can definitely help those who need more challenges to keep them focused while working out!