How your music playlist affects your daily workout

Jun 11, 2013
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Have you ever listened to music while exercising? You probably found it easier to finish that last set or run an extra mile. While some people think this effect is just imaginary, there is a lot of evidence showing that music can alter your performance. Many people are able to lift heavier weights and run longer distances while listening to the right music. Not only that, but altering your playlist to fit your workout can also improve your performance. If you want to lose weight or get stronger, then it’s best to know what songs to play for the best effect.



One reason why music helps with exercising is because it gives you motivation. While there are many reasons for this, the most important one is that it alters your mood. For example, an upbeat song will often make you want to get up and do something. It will also produce an adrenaline response that will make you feel energetic.


It has been proven that people who exercise without music will just achieve their goal. For example, if you want to lift a weight for 10 repetitions, then that’s all you will do. If you listen to music, then you’ll find it much easier to surpass your goals.


Music will also help you get ready to exercise. Many people don’t like exercising because it can be difficult. Listening to music and getting a boost of energy can make it much easier to travel to the gym, go for a run or for a push.



Music doesn’t just motivate you to exercise harder. There is evidence showing that music can reduce the fatigue that you feel when lifting weights or doing cardio exercises. This not only allows you to do more in one session, but you will often feel less sore and tired after exercising. Researchers aren’t entirely sure why music reduces fatigue, but they are assuming it’s because of the additional adrenaline that music can produce in the body.


Like the Music

Another thing that researchers have found is that it matters if you like the music. It doesn’t matter if the music is intense or upbeat. If you don’t like it, then your workout won’t be any easier. It might be harder to exercise because you don’t want to hear the music.


The most important thing about playing music during your workout is that you must like the songs. This is the only way to really benefit from using your iPod or MP3 player in the gym.


Lifting Weight and Cardio

If you are lifting weight or doing cardio exercises, then you should have a playlist full of energetic and upbeat songs. These songs produce the highest adrenaline responses. They also help reduce fatigue more than slower songs. Another major benefit is that your body will naturally try to match the rhythm. This will cause you to run or exercise faster.


These songs will also give you the most energy. You need energy to lift heavy weights or do prolonged cardio exercises because these movements are hard on the body. It’s best to listen to rock, techno or any other music with a fast beat.


Stretching or Yoga

Softer exercises like stretching and yoga do require energy as well. However, trying to move too quickly can damage your muscles or produce inferior results with these movements. It’s best to have a playlist full of soft and slow music that will help you relax. Staying calm and letting your muscles slowly move and stretch will keep you limber and flexible. It’s also best to keep the volume low so that you can really concentrate on your body.


This type of music helps because it produces a calming feeling in the body that will help your muscles relax. Relaxed muscles are much easier to stretch. You should listen to ocean noises, instrumentals and other slow songs.



Music can benefit your workout by giving you more energy, reducing fatigue and providing some motivation. If you want to lose more weight, have better results and perform better during your workouts, then start listening to music while exercising. Make a playlist that fits your workout and you will see just how powerful music can be.


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