4 Home Improvement Tips for Those Living with a Disability

Mar 12, 2013
4 Home Improvement Tips for Those Living with a Disability

When a disability prevents property owners from remaining as mobile as they were in their younger years, they might want to make some changes to their residence. By subtly improving certain areas of the house, they can boost their quality of life quite significantly. Here are four easy home improvements that will allow men and women with disabilities to enjoy their living space as they always have.
1) Home Security Systems
A reputable home security system will be essential for individuals who are still living on their own. If they have been diagnosed with a serious illness, then they will want to make sure that they can call for medical help if needed. If they use a cane or walker to get around, then they can keep a security device fastened to their belt or wrist. If they happen to slip and fall, a quick push of the security button will have emergency medical personnel at the door in no time. Vivint can help people with their options. The Vivint Facebook page is an excellent place to start. For more information on the different options please visit Vivint’s Facebook.
2) Roll-In Shower Areas
People who utilize wheelchairs will need an easy way to bathe. Men and women who pay a caregiver to come to the house each day may still want to have a roll-in shower built. This way, after they have been transferred into a sturdy shower chair, people can simply enter the shower area without any problems. In most cases, older bath tubs can be ripped out and replaced with a wheelchair-friendly surface without a hitch. Shelves for shampoo and conditioner bottles can also be added.
3) Stair Lifts
For added mechanical help, men and women with disabilities can also choose to add a stair lift to the stairs themselves. This is nearly essential for people who want to remain living in a two-story structure. A stair lift will allow them to move between both levels of the residence. If their sleeping quarters are on the second floor, this will be a magnificent solution. Lifts will allow older men and women to continue to enjoy their independence.
4) Wood Floors
Last but certainly not least, home owners should also consider converting their carpeted floors to wood floors. Wheelchairs are much easier to maneuver on solid floors. Non-carpeted surfaces are likewise easier to clean. Most hardwood floor professionals will be happy to provide a price quote before the work begins. Men and women can then decide when they would like to move forward with the conversion.

Author: Kristene Blackham

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