4 Really Awesome [Accessible] Exercise Options

Feb 28, 2013
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I frequently encounter individuals who have limited upper body strength, making it difficult to maneuver a ramp on an accessible van. But after a month or two with a rehab specialist, they overcome this weakness with ease.

That’s why I advise people to be proactive with health and wellness, not reactive, as I see too often.

Sure, exercise is important to everyone. But if you require a wheelchair, you may have some difficulty using equipment at the local gym or rec center.

Fortunately, accessible exercise equipment is available to help build your upper body strength, making everyday tasks easier.

chairworkout1. Love Handles Rx Wheelchair Workout

The makers of Love Handles tout this item as the first exercise product that can attach to a manual or electric wheelchair to provide a cardiovascular workout for seated individuals.

The concept seems so simple that it’s a surprise something like this wasn’t developed sooner. Love Handles provide a cross-country skiing-type workout like the machines you see in the gym.

The resistance on the exercise poles range up to eight pounds for a light or challenging workout, which is helpful for those who are trying to build muscle tone as well as people who simply need to keep their heart rate up.

2. PowerFit 3000

This weightlifting workout aid is based on the concept that if you build up your muscles, you will have an easier time getting around in your wheelchair.

Using oars in a rowing motion, you can lift disc weights to build your strength.

Not everyone who uses a wheelchair has the same strengths and weaknesses, so the makers of the PowerFit 3000 made it scalable.  This allows you to put emphasis on your weak side to build proportioned strength.

PowerFit 3000 allows you to lift up to 100 pounds per oar.

ube3. Endorphin e4 Resistance System

Endorphin is a dual-cardio cycle system in which the user can operate a hand cycle, a foot cycle, or both, depending on his or her ability.

It has a removable seat that allows wheelchair access and variable resistance settings for the arms and legs, allowing a thorough exercise of all muscles from the shoulders down.

The e4 Resistance System features ergonomic hand positions at 22-, 45- and 90-degree settings to isolate various muscle groups from the shoulder to the wrist.

pecworkout4. Challenge Circuit CH7000

This multi-purpose weightlifting machine provides several options for people with or without disabilities. It’s completely wheelchair accessible and uses a traditional weight stack with an adjustable slide pin.

Arm curls, seated rowing, lat pulls and cross-over exercises are among the options available on the Challenge Circuit, which is 3.5 feet long and 3.5 feet wide, so you won’t have trouble finding space for it. You can lift up to 200 pounds in 10-pound increments.

I know you will enjoy seeing the benefits of this type of workout. As always, please consult you physician when beginning any workout.



Author: Chris Miller