End of the Season

Feb 27, 2013
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We have one week left of practice. Soon all that will be left of this season is numbers on a page and memories. No matter what, after that last game is played, the memories and relationships built will stay with me forever. I have played on several teams throughout my career and the approaching end of the season is always an exciting time. However, the actual end of the season, marking the end of this time together and no longer seeing teammates everyday and looking towards upcoming games, is a strange thing.

In disability sport, there is also the fact that you will not see the people you compete against for a long time, either. The possibility of local recreation leagues doesn’t really exist so you play against people from all over the country. Knowing that you won’t see these people that you’ve seen regularly adds to the strangeness of the end of the season.

Overall, the end of the season is an opportunity to look back and evaluate your progress, individually and as a team. Remembering the good and the bad offers insight into how to prepare for next season, and the training you need in the offseason.

Author: Jared Rehm