Feb 21, 2013
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One of my biggest pet peeves is finding a handicap parking spot, or rather, not finding a handicap spot.  I really don’t have an issue of driving long distances in my chair, but I need the particular spot to have the extra space for the ramp to come down from my vehicle.  Parking lots are dangerous places as I am not as visible when cars are backing up; another good reason for me to use the designated spot. I really don’t mind if they are used legitimately by people with disabilities, but what really gets on my nerves is when people use the spots because they’re lazy.  I’ve tried to come up with some cute and creative ideas to get the point across to people but usually in the moment I am too fired up to write them a nice, informative note.  The best idea that I’ve come up with is to wear a shirt around town that says, “I’m only in it for the parking”. The shirt also has a big handicap sign on it.  I’ve noticed people take a step back and think about it after reading the shirt, and my close friends just laugh at me and say, “Typical Demi!”  I want to open this discussion up, particularly because honestly I don’t think enough can be done to educate people about abuse of these designated handicapped parking spots.  I’m naïve and don’t fully know all the reasons that people may be using these spots.  Please leave a comment at the bottom and tell me your disability, why you use the spot, and if you have any creative suggestions to educate[3]



Author: Demi Eckhoff

  • Linda

    Yes I have an problem with this as well I have very bad knees bone on bone and barely walking sometimes with an cane and I see able body people just use one of the placid and take up an handicap parking it burns me up too.

  • Ron Rains

    I have issues with this also, even though most of the time I don’t use one. I have a left below the knee amputation and there are days where it’s a battle to get out of the car much less to have to walk across a parking lot because somebody was just going to run in for a minute so did not think it would hurt to use the spot. It does hurt I am only 50 but you should see some of the looks people give me until the see my prosthesis.

  • Jeffrey Paul

    I suggest everyone talk to their state representatives at the capitol and request legislation that would permit people to take photos of cars parked illegally in handicap spaces and text or email them to authorities who could then issue a citation. I’ve talked to my legislator already. One would have to take a photo of the license plate and then one of the front with no placard in the window. The constitutionality would be similar to the photo citations for speeding or red light running. Just a thought. Our Governor’s Commission on Disabilities also has a form that can be placed on a windshield that states the violation and the statute. It states this is a warning and that they are in violation and could be fined $250. This is a citizen form that anyone can place on a car and I do.

  • Elizabeth

    Demi, I love your t-shirt idea! Humor educates so much better than shame or lecturing. I look forward to seeing you around town.