Married to the Chair – “Couples that Play together Stay together”

Feb 13, 2013
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The couples that ‘play together stay together’ or so the saying goes. 


When we first started dating we couldn’t have agreed more, particularly when it came to working out. We did all of our workouts together and it was a lot of fun. There was no mountain too high for him to push or no circuit too slow for me to endure. If we did it, we did it together! However, the moment we said “I DO”,…. that all went quickly out the window. He suddenly realized that it was no fun to push up huge hills. Plus, I wanted to sprint through my circuits like I did before I became mesmerized by his baby blues.benchpress

At first we tried to keep the workout flame burning by going for walks in our neighborhood but this just led us to obstacle after obstacle. The first obstacle was at the entrance to our street. It is a huge hill and not very fun to push using the zig-zag motion. That in itself probably would not have been a deal breaker but then we hit the sidewalks. One would assume that sidewalks would make our walks more accessible, therefore more enjoyable, but oh how wrong I was. Incredibly, we would get stuck by people who decided to park their cars across the entire sidewalk, allowing nowhere for “the hubs” to pass by. Then, apparently, there were some water or sewer issues in the neighborhood and the city deemed it necessary to pull up the sidewalk in certain areas. All understandable but they left it that way for months replacing the cement with GRAVEL – a chair users worst nightmare. Then one day while I was on a now solo run I see them paving the way for new sidewalks throughout the neighborhood. Hooray! I thought, finally we will once again be able to go together for walks. But then a few weeks later, on yet another solo run and much to my dismay, I see they have installed the only thing worse than gravel to a chair- what my husband and I refer to as “Blinker Bumps” (the bumps they install at the end of a sidewalk for individuals with visual impairments). I am not sure what part of “fully inclusive” the inventors of those things had in mind but they pretty much solidified the existence that I would have solo runs in my life. Those little bumps can send him flying out of his chair faster than I can blink. There are enough hidden snipers along our path way like pot- holes or a well hidden rock, we certainly didn’t need any more.
ballpressNeedless to say our workouts together have turned in-doors if at all. Occasionally, we would go for a bike ride or hit the pool for a swim. Mostly, we would hit the gym alone or he with his friends and me with mine. It was on one of these occasions that a friend dragged me to a Crossfit gym with one of those on line deals. My workouts were getting less and less exciting (and therefore less and less frequent) so I thought I’d try anything that would get me moving for a mere 20 bucks. First trip wasn’t impressive. The workout lasted about 8 minutes. I felt like I had done nothing. But I still had 5 more sessions to go and was definitely going to get my money’s worth. The rest of the sessions got better. Suddenly, I began to think that if I could adapt these workouts my husband would love it. Previously, his workouts would take him so long, due to all the transferring and waiting on equipment, that it almost seemed pointless. However, this new workout program would give him to get a great workout in about 20 minutes. So I would go do a workout at the Crossfit gym. Then I would come home and adapt the workout for my husband to do when he went to the gym. So now, after my gym sessions are over I am able to design several workouts for my husband to do. Unfortunately, we still don’t work out at the same time, but we can at least do the same workout (and therefore complain about our sore muscles together!)
RaykettlekelbellSo maybe we can change the slogan to:
Couples that Workout- Stay Together
…. Doesn’t have quite the same flair but hey neither do we these days 


Author: Kelly Bonner