Chewing gum to lose weight!

Mar 16, 2012
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Chewing gum to lose weight! It sounds very futuristic- but something similar is already being done with Aspirin to reduce pain and Nicotine to help people stop smoking. Aspirin and Nicotine laced gum have been available since the 1940’s-in the case of Aspirin, and in the 1980’s for Nicotine. Now a new type of gum is being developed to deliver an appetite suppressing hormone (PYY) to the stomach, for the purpose of helping people feel full after eating, and to prevent overeating at the next meal.

The hormone, PYY, is part of chemical system that regulates appetite and energy. In fact, PYY is an appetite-suppressing hormone. When people eat or exercise the hormone is released into the bloodstream. The amount of PYY released is based upon the number of calories consumed. But the system naturally has some glitches that keep people from losing weight by eating less. For example, overweight people may have lower concentrations of PYY in their bloodstreams when they are fasting AND just after they eat. This may mean that their serum levels of PYY are low. It has been shown that if the levels of PYY are increased the calories consumed by the person are reduced because they feel full.


When the gum is sold commercially sometime in the near future, people will have a natural way to lose weight. We will be able to eat a balanced and nutritious meal, and then chew a stick of the PYY gum. The PYY carried by the gum will kick in slowly, about 3-4 hours later. Then we will feel less hungry when meal time comes around- and lose weight as we eat less naturally.


To learn more: check out the publication: Science Daily Nov. 21, 2011

Or see the website of Dr. Robert Doyle, Assoc. Professor in Dept of Chemistry at Syracuse University.









Author: Tanya