Federal Government Plans to Boost Disability Employment

Feb 14, 2012
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The federal government is making plans to boost disability employment!  For over a quarter of a century federal contractors and subcontractors have been required to make “a reasonable effort” to include people with disabilities in their workforce. However, without any measurable goals the law was able to enforce only that the company made a “reasonable effort” for affirmative action.

The new proposed law will set a standard to ensure that at least 7 percent of employees in every job group within the company would be a person with a disability. This sets a very clear benchmark that is enforceable.

As of November 2011 a reported 80% of persons with disability were out of the job market entirely- and over 13% were currently unemployed and actively seeking work.

You can learn more about this on the US Department of Labor website: www.dol.gov/ofccp/

Or at http://www.regulations.gov

Author: Tanya

  • BobLujano

    What is so sad is that 80% of disabled people are unemployed. In order for this to go down, it is incumbent upon people with disabilities to get an education and get a job. This is the only way for this number to go down.