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Jan 31, 2012
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Access for Athletes! Are you an athlete who needs transport to competitions, access to training or equipment or other funding? The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF)  is the place for you.

CAF steps in to help athletes after health insurance and rehabilitation coverage drops off.  Whether a person needs equipment (sports wheelchair, mono ski, handcycle) or sports prosthetics or funding for training and competition- CAF is there to lend a hand.

CAF provides competitive grants (not a loan that you have to pay back) up to about $2,500 to athletes who have physical challenges. The applications are available starting on September 1 of each year, and the competition closes on December 1 of the same year. (The next round of applications will begin September 1, 2012 and end December 1, 2012.) People have to apply between September 1 and December 1- and they find out in April if they received a grant award.

People should go to the website and take a look at what is required during the application process. Here are some frequently asked questions/answers that they provide to future applicants:

1.       A person can only apply for one grant a year (either travel, training or equipment)

2.       Equipment grants can only be applied for once every three year except in special circumstances.

3.       You need to have two letters of reference, one from your physician who verifies that you have a physical disability.

4.       You need to supply a bio about yourself and your involvement in sports or fitness.

5.       You need backup information such as a tax return to document need.

For more information:

The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF)

9591 Waples Street (this is correct: Waples)

San Diego, CA 92121

Phone 858.866.0959

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  • BobLujano

    I have been awarded 2 CAF grants. Without their support my Paralympic goals would not have been realized. Thanks CAF!