West Virginia Dubbs January 19th Physical Activity Day

Jan 20, 2012
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Yesterday, the Wetzel County commission voted and passed a resolution to officially make January 19th West Virginia Physical Activity Day. This decision comes as a response and effort to support the development of a state-wide Physical Activity Plan in the state of West Virginia.

The resolution reads:

Whereas, the goal of this day is to support the announcement and subsequent implementation of Active WV 2015: WV Physical Activity Plan; and

Whereas, a population engaged in a physically active lifestyle can help to combat the epidemic levels of obesity and chronic diseases among state and local residents; and

Whereas, all sectors of our communities must cooperate to support activities necessary to increase physical activity including: health care, public health, education, business and industry, mass media, parks, recreation, fitness, and sports; transportation, and volunteer and non-profit; and

Whereas, all those who live, work, or play in West Virginia can be a part of increasing physical activity by supporting physical activity at school, in the community, and within families.

Now, therefore be it resolved by the County Commission of Wetzel, that Jan. 19, 2012, be noted as: West Virginia Physical Activity Day.

The Wetzel County Commission President states “increasing physical activity is important to our state because it can prevent many chronic diseases, improve the health of our citizens as well as improve overall quality of life.” West Virginia, being one of the first states to develop a state-wide Physical Activity Plan, should be looked to as an example of the efforts that are going on around the nation to get people to be p physically active. For more information visit www.wvphysicalactivity.org

Author: Tamika Jones