New tool to eliminate mistakes in care of Diabetes

Jan 05, 2012
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Researchers at the University of Missouri have developed a computer-based electronic medical record tool that will help doctors save time and improve accuracy in providing medical care to patients with diabetes.

Diabetes is a complex disorder with many associated medical conditions, dietary constraints and self-management components. It is well known that the average length of time a doctor can spend with a patient is 15 minutes. If the doctor must spend a substantial amount of that time seeking information on the previous tests, vital signs, health conditions and current medications then the doctor has less time to draw conclusions and work with the patient in planning for next steps.

The computer tool is a ‘dashboard’ that can be used to reduce the number of clicks from an average of 60 to only 3 (!) to find the information they need to assist the patient.

The new dashboard allows doctors to see at a glance which tests the patient has already had, what the outcomes were and how to make the right medical decisions that will help their patients.  They will still just have a few minutes to spend with each patient, but maybe those minutes will be more used more effectively.


A Diabetes Dashboard and Physician Efficiency and Accuracy in Accessing Data Needed for High-quality Diabetes Care

Annals of Family Medicine. 2011;9(5):398-405.

Richelle J. Koopman, MD, MS; Karl M. Kochendorfer, MD; Joi L. Moore, PhD; David R. Mehr, MD, MS; Douglas S. Wakefield, PhD; Borchuluun Yadamsuren, PhD; Jared S. Coberly, BS; Robin L. Kruse, PhD, MSPH; Bonnie J. Wakefield, PhD, RN; Jeffery L. Belden, MD

Author: Tanya