Study shows women can decrease their risk of heart attack with “mindful lifestyles”!

Dec 29, 2011
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The researchers at Karolinska Institute in Sweden have followed 24,500 women aged 50+ for six years to see if they could identify a healthy lifestyle.

Women’s reports of their dietary habits could be clustered into four groups. These were called “Healthy”, “Western/Swedish”, “Alcohol” and “Sweets”.  As it turned out in the first six years of follow up, women in the “healthy” and the “alcohol” groups had fewer heart attacks than women in the other dietary groups.

  • The Healthy Group ate: vegetables, fruit, and legumes.
  • The Western/Swedish Group ate: red meat, processed meat, poultry, rice, pasta, eggs, potatoes and fish.
  • The Alcohol Group consumed: up to 5 ounces a day of wine, liquor, beer and some snacks.
  • The Sweets Group ate: sweet baked goods, candy, chocolate, jam and ice cream.

It was found that there was a 92% reduction of risk to women aged 50+ if they followed the lower risk diet. This diet contained:



Whole grains



Moderate alcohol consumption of 5 ounces or less

Not smoking

Waist-to-hip ratio of 0.08 or less

And being physically active

This report was located on the www.eScience website.

It was based on materials provided by the journal of Medical Association. The reference is:

Arch Intern Med (2007) 167(19): 2212-2127

Author: Tanya