Kapten Plus Voice Activated GPS with US Maps (for blind and visually impaired persons)

Dec 15, 2011
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This GPS unit is perfect for someone on the go, who wants to find their way around town using voice rather than vision. The GPS unit “Where Am I” tool gives you your precise location and a description of what is around you; and even allows you to save your destinations and trips so that you can use them again (called geotagging).

The user guide is also vocalized, rather than printed.

The Kapten GPS unit can be set for use in the car, on foot, or on slow transport such as bicycle. It provides information about public transportation and includes an FM radio and MP3 player, both also controlled by voice. It connects to your mobile phone by Bluetooth, and to your computer via a USB port.

The reviewers state that the tool is easy to use. You can just speak your destination aloud and the unit will speak back to direct you from where you are to your spoken location. When you want to hear an MP3 you only need to speak the title aloud and the song file will play. You can press a key to ‘tag’ any location so that when you are walking around a city you can return to the place you tagged earlier. You can also record a voice memo for any point you tag to remind yourself of important issues related to that location. The Kapten GPS unit links to your computer so that you can upload and save all of the geotagged spots you saved on your walk.

For more information go to www.enablemart.com/catalog

Or Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Kapten-Plus-Voice-Activated-GPS/dp/B0049NZJYQ

Or Assistech http://www.assistech.com/cgi-bin/shopper.cgi?preadd=action&key=304504

Prices and information vary by vender, so you may want to check out each site.

Author: Tanya