The Power of Media and a Positive Message

Dec 09, 2011
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You have likely seen one of these headlines recently, “1 in 8 Baby Boomers will develop Alzheimer’s”, “An increasing number of families can’t afford to put their loved ones in a nursing facility” and “What Happens When Autistic Kids Grow Up?

I can tell you one of Right Fit’s clients with autism quit his job due to teasing from other employees and another young man with autism spent a night in Cook County Jail recently. These stories and the staggering statistics behind them show that health care costs will eventually bring the United States to unmanageable financial woes. I speak for many fitness professionals and acquaintances who are deeply concerned about the state of our economy given the daily news about budget cuts, home foreclosures, people out of work and many suffering from poor health and poor physical fitness.
The daily news reports rarely provide a news story to inspire, think, or encourage anyone to act with hope. How did we get here and what do we need to do to improve these situations? As a child my parents always drilled those familiar sayings like,
“Don’t spend more money than you make” and “live within your means” and “material possessions do not bring happiness.” If you believe one person can make a difference then all of us can create the change we want now and for the future. Simple actions start with our pens, computers, televisions and using our purchasing power in a way to change unproductive behaviors. I encourage you to please click on this link:, and share your opinion with Channel 7. You can be sure I let them know how much these individuals with Alzheimer’s appreciate this talented and dedicated reporter, Karen Meyer who did this report to bring much needed attention to this growing problem. Her message is positive and can change lives and opinions and brings hope to millions in minutes.

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