Oklahoma Soccer Program for Children with Disabilities

Dec 06, 2011
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My senior year of undergrad, I took a course in child motor development and developmental disabilities; as a additional part of the class, I volunteered with the local TOPSoccer program, a program tailored to teach soccer fundamentals to youth with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. I worked one-on-one with a young girl with autism and really enjoyed the few months I spent with her. After this experience, I always wondered if there were similar programs, like my TOPSoccer program, in other communities around the country.

Earlier today, while searching through recent news articles about kids with disabilities, I fell upon an article published in an Oklahoma Newspaper entitled Disabilities don’t stop Edmond soccer program. While not fully certain as to what this article would be about, I figured it would involve an uplifting story about individuals with disabilities and the game of soccer. After reading the article I was very impressed with Edmond and its neighboring cities of the Oklahoma Metropolitan Area; Edmond, Harrah, Mustang and Owasso all have their own TOPSoccer programs. Reading this article made me very delighted to see that programs, like the one I volunteered with years ago, are still popping up around the country.

A portion of the article focused on a young player, Joshia, with multiple disabilities who has not let any of his disabilities stop him from reaping as many benefits as possible from his participation in the Edmond TOPSoccer program. Jacqueline Hamilton, Joshia’s grandmother, express in the article that the TOPSoccer program has been “the most awesome experience of his life”. She goes on to say that “soccer has really helped with his attitude because he is now able to be out playing with the other kids”. To read more of the Disabilities don’t stop Edmond soccer program article please go to the following link: http://newsok.com/article/3619149.

Author: Tamika Jones

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