10 Worst Processed Foods for People With Diabetes

Dec 02, 2011
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We are all guilty of it. It’s so easy, cheap and convenient. When we’re in a hurry, it’s easy to stop pretty much anywhere, and pick up a quick bite at a fast food or stop to buy a snack on the go. This is probably not a surprise, but Americans rank the highest when it comes to consuming the most processed foods than any other country.

It’s true that processed food items are very accessible, but they are also unhealthy. Many of these food products are high in sugar, preservatives, salt, and fat. Processed foods are not healthy for the general population, but more so for those who have diabetes.

Below are 10 food items that should be specifically avoided by diabetics.

Chicken Nuggets – Whether you get them in a restaurant or out of the freezer section, chicken nuggets are made with heavy breading and usually more salt, fat, and preservatives than anyone needs.

White Rice – Like all processed foods made with refined flour, including white bread and white pasta, it offers very little nutrition in return for raising your blood sugar, and it could be loaded with preservatives, too

French Fries – A lot of calories and similar to white rice, they don’t offer much in return for their effect on blood sugar levels.

Canned Fruit in Heavy Syrup – Read labels, many are filled with heavy, sugary syrup. One tip is to drain/rinse them before eating or buy fruit canned in its own juice instead of syrup.

Potato Chips – Potato chips and other fried snacks can quickly undermine your diet efforts. These processed foods add to your intake of calories, salt, and preservatives without providing any good nutrition.

Soda – Even sugar-free sodas, in your diet frequently correlates with a diabetes diagnosis. Try club soda with a touch of fruit juice for flavor.

Foods With High-Fructose Corn Syrup (ketchup) – Is a common ingredient in many packaged foods like cookies and snack cakes, and it’s the focal point of a controversy about its effect on weight, insulin, and health. It’s recommended to choose food items that are less sweet to better manage your type 2 diabetes.

Processed Meats – Processed meats, which are heavy on salt and preservatives, seem to be linked to an increased risk of diabetes.

Fast-Food Hamburgers – A small, plain hamburger probably isn’t the root of this problem — it’s more likely that the oversized patties, buns, and toppings are contributing to an increase of diabetes.

Sugary Cereals – Added sugar!

Author: Jenny Carlton

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