Disability Awareness for Everyone

Nov 30, 2011
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Given the recent problems people with disabilities have had in airline travel, it seems clear that disability awareness training is sorely needed by the world community. The negative attitudes of the greater society are among the biggest barriers people with disabilities encounter.

“Disability Awareness” training means sharing resources and information about barriers to full inclusion. This is a first step to let people know about the needs of people with disabilities, as well as about their rights as legislated by the US Federal government.

One organization, Disabled World, has collected hundreds of short training videos on many disability topics that are offered at no cost on their website.

These informative videos help teach people about the needs of people with disabilities as well as their rights and how to help remove barriers to full participation.

Topics covered include: (to name just a few)

Assistive Technology in the classroom

Braille Reading Demonstration

Disability Training for Law Enforcement

Disability Awareness Puppet Show (for children)

Living with a Disability

Orlando Bloom talks about Dyslexia

Michael J Fox talks about Parkinsons

These videos and many, many more are available at no cost, online.

You can find these videos at the following website:


Author: Tanya