Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) or What?

Nov 11, 2011
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It wasn’t until Right Fit trainers, Joe, Eric and Brittni returned from teaching a two-hour fitness clinic for 120 Girl Scouts (ages 7 to 12) that I began to think about the article printed in the July/August issue of Strategies: “Should we care that Johnny can’t catch and Susie can’t skip?” What should we do about it?

After every company event, my trainers share their opinions and thoughts about our service, review client feedback and determine what else we can do to improve for the next event. I was surprised to hear all three trainers agreed on one point about the Girl Scouts. They all appeared to be below average in their motor skills. In fact during our discussion, I reminded my trainers about our off-site fitness class in the inner city of Chicago. Most of these junior high girls were academically at risk and appeared clumsy and disinterested at the start of the fitness program. However by the end of the 16-week fitness program, they had improved their individual fitness scores and stated on their surveys that they would like to continue the class and learn more about fitness and nutrition. According to the article in Strategies, at least one student in a class of 30 is diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)–basically these children are below average in their motor skills for their chronological age. In addition, this below average motor performance interferes with their academic performance and routine activities of daily living. In brief, physical and sports educators should identify and assist these children and teach the parents how to deal with this disorder and help make it better. I agree! “What should we do about it?” My answer “K.I.S.S.” (keep it simple silly). Assess, identify and provide available instruction, but the screening begins with parents, pediatricians, schools and teachers. Whatever the problem, reading, writing, math, posture, motor coordination and fitness, we need to assess, identify and provide the available instruction to overcome the obstacle. I am not thrilled to read about another label being attached to children however if it makes us realize the connection of body, mind and soul so be it!

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