Dance Like You Mean It!

Nov 08, 2011
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A mixed ability dance Troupe

Amazing video of an award winning dance from the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” can be viewed at

Artistic Director Judith Smith
1428 Alice Street, #200
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: 510.625.0110
Fax: 510.625.0321
Since 1987, AXIS Dance Company has created an exciting body of work developed by dancers with and without disabilities. They are in the forefront of paving the way for a powerful and inclusive dance form, physically integrated dance. The Company has become internationally known for its high artistic and educational standards and innovative movement vocabulary. AXIS performs and teaches nationwide.

BIO OF DANCER IN PHOTO: Rodney Bellis of Maori descent from the Ngati Maniapoto Iwi (Tribe) of New Zealand (Aotearoa). Rodney began dancing 13 years ago with Touch Compass Dance Company, New Zealand’s first mixed ability dance company. He also choreographed dance works for Touch Compass. In July 2007, Rodney joined AXIS. Soon after he attended the MANCC choreography process in Florida with the company. Rodney also teaches mixed ability dance to those with and without disabilities and is constantly sharing his technique and knowledge through various workshops and dance intensives. His other pursuits include: representing New Zealand from 1996 to 2006 playing wheelchair basketball; working as an occupational therapy assistant; featuring in programs such as 60 Minutes, Good Morning Show, and Maori Television; acting in various plays; and performing with Poutokomanawa (Maori Kapa haka group). He shows great passion towards the performing arts, Maori culture and disability culture and in his own words “It fulfills my soul.”

The dance troupe will be performing in Chicago on November 29 and 30th. You can check out their travel performance schedule on the website.

Author: Tanya