The Power of Fear

Nov 07, 2011
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Are you afraid of the dark? Are there monsters under your bed? Skeletons in your closet? With Halloween come and gone, one can’t help but find amusement and delight in one’s own fears—from haunted houses to scary movies to terrifying tales passed down with the sole intention of creating fear and eliciting unease.

But true fear isn’t fun. We don’t ask for it, we certainly don’t pay for it, and we tend to do all in our power to stay far, far away from our fears.Our fears come in all shapes and sizes. They stem from events that have bludgeoned us and left painful marks and memories. They arise when our hearts send us messages to, “Beware!” for no outward or apparent reason. Our fears can touch our souls in the same intensity of falling in love; we just typically don’t appreciate it as such. However, if we could just take note that those very scary emotions are equally important to the ones that give us instantaneous joy, we might be able learn much more from our fears.

If willing to confront your fears, look directly in the eyes of the things that frighten you most, you might surprise yourself with the amount of strength that you actually possess. What I don’t think many people realize is that the power that propels one’s fear is actually power that has been created by that very individual. By facing a fear eye-to-eye, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn and grow, which is the point of it all anyway—right?

Fears, whether warranted or fabricated, can stop someone straight in their path. No matter the circumstance, one must find a way to confront that fear and allow themselves the grace of moving forward towards one’s dreams. However, those little bumps and bruises in the road are a necessary way to assess your will and desire for your dreams—and deserve to be appreciated. So, take that, fear.

Author: Ryan McLean