Ever wonder why some people don’t want to get exercise?

Oct 20, 2011
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Not exercising leads to more lack of exercise!

Scientists at McMaster University (lead researcher Gregory Steinberg) have found that exercising produces a protein in the muscle called the AMPK gene. When the leg muscle AMPK genes were removed from mice, the mice had lower levels of mitrochondria and a noticeable lack of ability to exercise. While ordinary mice seem to love to run- at least they are certainly observed to run a great deal of the time when they are allowed to self select activities- the mice without the AMPK genes were impaired in their ability to run and exercise.

Steinberg and the research team believe that this means as people exercise less, they gradually are lose the ability to exercise. So less exercise leads to even less exercise, over time. This is a concern because lack of exercise may lead to complications such as diabetes and heart disease.

The researchers believe that if people exercise as much as they can each day (whatever level that may be), their ability to exercise will be enhanced; while if they stop exercising they will gradually have an impaired ability for their muscles to receive the nutrients necessary for any exercise activity.

The full study “AMP-Activated protein kinawse ….etc) was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. September 20, 2011. Vol 108. No. 38 Authors: O’Neill, Maarbjerg, Crane, Jeppesen et al.

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