Stuttering a Disability

Oct 14, 2011
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One of my favorite weekend activities requires a soft couch, snacks and a rental from Blockbuster Video. Movie recommendations are usually from family members, friends or a Blockbuster employee. The King’s Speech was voted Best Picture of the Year and came highly recommended from friends. A true story about King George VI of England who had a lifelong disability speech impediment of stuttering. As soon as I heard this review I thought about my sister and how we use to tease her about her flow of speech and effort to pronounce words. I am not sure how other families handle these personal issues and conditions but my parents were very private regarding all family matters. Until watching the movie I never considered her speech a disability. Like most young children and siblings I thought my sister was either nervous or trying to get attention. And like the movie my parents found a successful speech therapy class in the city of Pittsburgh. Every Saturday my sister would have to travel to a special school and class in the city. She was gone for hours and that was fine as long as we could stay home and play. I was curious to re-open this chapter of my life and actually learn more about the disability of stuttering or stammering. Including my sister there are many people like James Earl Jones, Carly Simon and Bob Love who stuttered and went on to have successful lives. In fact, David Seidler who won an Oscar for his role as an eccentric speech therapist and empowers his client King George VI to find his voice also struggled with stuttering.

This movie inspired me to share my experience and hopefully help others learn more about a communication disorder that is caused by genetics, family dynamics and developmental delays. I highly recommend this movie for relaxation and brain exercise!

Author: suzanne