Honor your Biggest Fan: Do You Have a Number 1 Fan?

Sep 30, 2011
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I still remember the day when Mack Nelson came into Right Fit and asked to speak to the owner. As one of the trainers approached my office, Mack who was right behind stepped in front to ask, “Do you remember me Mrs. Gray?” At first glance I couldn’t imagine who this big guy was, wearing his high school Varsity sport jacket. Finally remembering, I shook my head in disbelief and announced proudly to others that Mack was one of our first clients!

Mack told me he made the high school football team and he planned to study fitness in college. He added that working at Right Fit would provide him the “right” work experiences and valuable on-the- job lessons. He would be able to help kids with special needs and learn additional fitness skills. Mack agreed to the required internship program and now has a regular work schedule as assistant fitness trainer for youths with autism. I should mention that Mack is always early to work and he reminds me often that he is available for any other job duties.

I must admit I am Mack’s biggest (Number 1) fan. I do believe every school teacher, coach, and now business owner wants to make a difference in someone’s life. What a thrill for me when Mack came in that day and gave me an unexpected compliment by saying Right Fit did make a difference in his life. So when Mack suggested to his mother that Right Fit should be involved in the 5th Annual Jimmy Reynolds Scholarship Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser, I wanted to learn more about this event.

Jimmy Reynolds was the ultimate Lyons Township football fan who served many years of his life supporting and witnessing Lyons football players make big plays, experience tough defeats, grind through various injuries, and celebrate the joys of winning. Jimmy Reynolds was a special person with special needs who made everyone around him feel special. He faced many of his own challenges in life, but was an example of selflessness and love to the Lyons Township football program and this local west suburban community. Jimmy Reynolds was the ever faithful water boy and honorary team manager, who passed away in 2006, but thanks to Mack, Right Fit gladly became a sponsor for this annual fundraiser and learned about a “special man” bigger than life!

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