The Power of Finding Your Strength

Sep 12, 2011
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Where do you find strength? This is a question that was posed to me earlier this week, and although a relatively simple question, I found myself stalled when searching for the right answer.
Some will find strength in what they do—in their careers or athletics, or even in the manner in which they carry themselves. Some will find strength in others—leaning on those whom they admire and love most to help propel them and give them steady ground. Some will even be able to find strength within themselves—stemming solely from that indescribable special something that glows within and cannot be wavered. The latter just might be the most difficult for us to uncover, yet each one of us possesses it all the same.
The power that your inner strength can reveal is scary, it is uncertain, yet it is also what keeps you alive. That small glow that lights you from the inside out is what makes you a great mentor, or father, or governor, or whatever.
The strength we find in ourselves is the only true strength that can never be compromised, no matter the circumstance. It is also the strength that shows up at exactly the right moment.Once you manage to find your strength it is up to you to unleash it into the Universe any way you can. Your own strength is so much more meaningful than the strength you get from others; the world deserves for you to show it off with open arms and a smile.
Me? I found my strength on accident, through an accident. Without it I surely would have died. Although I have little memory of the wreck, nor the trauma of many events to follow me to and through the hospital those first few days, the impact is magnificent. I couldn’t possibly ignore that sense of strength if I tried—which I can regretfully say that I have.
Over a decade later and I have now become so much more aware of that light and that strength that rests somewhere inside of me. I have learned to love and honor it and attempt to share it with the world any way that I can. That bit of strength kept me alive that night, and will continue to—revealing some of the utmost beauty of the world and my own capabilities, rather than my disabilities.

Author: Ryan McLean