Betty White…A Class Act for Veterans

Sep 06, 2011
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I would be the first to admit that as far as television shows, movies, actors and actresses go, I rank myself low in movie and celebrity recognition. One exception to this would be former “Golden Girl” actress Betty White. It’s not a surprise to hear all her many well deserved awards.

Recently Betty received the 2009 Guild’s most prestigious award for career achievement and humanitarian accomplishments. Her long history with animal organizations and active participation on Zoo Boards and animal foundations is well documented. When I received an invitation from a friend to attend the August 20th A White Hot Night with Betty White (a reception to benefit the BraveHearts Therapeutic Riding & Educational Center), I knew this was the best way to show my support for her extraordinary achievements and support a great cause! What a great time in history to also spread the word about this local riding center in Harvard, Illinois. BraveHearts serves veterans of all ages including those from WWII, Korea, Desert Storm, and those serving in times of peace. The horses at the Center are meeting the physical, social, cognitive and emotional needs of so many people who take part in the planned activities. Being a former horse owner I know that these are only a few of the benefits our distinguished veterans receive from Equine Therapies.
* The motion of the horses gait can help strengthen muscle groups and aid in the rehabilitation program
* The interaction with the horses leads to greater independence
* Learning new skills leads to more self-confidence and greater self-esteem
* Bonding with a large animal can be emotionally satisfying and very comforting

Betty points out that “an animal’s love is unconditional. They don’t ask questions. They just accept you as you are.” At 89 years young, Betty White is staying out of trouble by working, staying active and helping others!

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