Aug 19, 2011
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The “number 11” phenomenon has been the subject of countless books, conversations and websites. 11 is considered by many to be the “messenger” and is associated with a higher power to uplift and help people find deeper meaning in their lives and to share this with others. As we get closer to the end of year 2011, I can’t help but agree there was something magical and special about this year. I for one enjoyed all the special dates and mathematical formulas that added to the fun and mystery of the 11 (e.g. November 11 is 11/11/11 this year).

This year also provided me the special and unique opportunity to meet with ABC 7’s Disabilities Reporter, Karen Meyer, to discuss the many benefits of fitness for youth and adults with Autism and Adults with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Karen’s brilliant reporting style captures unforgettable moments and leaves every audience a strong message of hope. Right Fit’s Youth Summer Day Camp (unplanned) ended on 8-11-11 and according to the campers and parents it was one of our best! The credit for this accomplishment goes to Right fit’s talented staff, college interns and high school camp counselors. It’s not a secret that children with autism struggle with communication, social and behavioral issues. And even though the daily, weekly and monthly lesson plans and goals need to be flexible and are dynamic the staff quickly adjusted with a positive “I can do” attitude to all the unexpected surprises of children and their parents. Every teacher knows you can’t fool a kid and it didn’t take long for these campers to discover the camp offered them structure, discipline and a safe place to play.

They could trust these new faces to teach them a lot of new and fun movement adventures! Honestly the magical “Kodak moments” were countless and I tried to capture them on film but not even a picture can fully capture the talented and accomplished high school football players encouraging the campers to speak and teaching appropriate social skills to a child with autism. What ever the year or formula, I know our staff of college and high school students worked 4days a week and 5 hours day learning life lessons, and were able to make connections that will last a lifetime!

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  • Jacey

    Thank you Suzanne, Dan, and the entire RF staff for providing an incredible program for ALL kids on the spectrum.  Alec has thrived at RF and considers all the other boys in his group his friends. We need more people like you in our autism community!

  • Eric

    Jacey–This is Eric Stone from Right Fit.  Thank you so much for the kind words, I know Dan and the rest of the staff really enjoys working with Alec.

  • Lee

    Our son Jackson really enjoyed the experience he had at Right Fit. We will be bringing him back.

    Thank you!