“Never Say Never” – Mrs. Nancy Scavuzzo (in memoriam)

Aug 05, 2011
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I didn’t realize how often I would think about those three words and the insight and wisdom shared by a woman I truly respected as a mother and grade school Principal.  I know I never expected or planned to write a book last year.
However, when the surprising offer came my way it was certainly flattering, exciting and filled me with  hope.  The great thing about school, sports, even a job, is that one learns quickly one of life’s many lessons – perseverance.  No one can prepare you for all the ups and downs necessary to complete any project and the mindset to establish and achieve a personal goal.

Clearly I remember the planning, the deadlines, and the frustrations writing and rewriting those final pages for 101 Games and Activities for Youth with Autism.  The clock was ticking and I did not want to entertain anymore negative thoughts that I may miss my deadline due to photograph or manuscript changes for the final chapters. Well that’s history and now I wish I had the discipline to take more photographs, keep a daily journal and record all the new ideas, games and exercises.

Yes, of course there will be another book, however, I hope and believe the next publication will be completed by Right Fit trainers and students.  Last week after a horseback riding fieldtrip, I decided we all needed a lesson getting on and off “greenie” our pretend Right Fit horse.  Jake, a 9 year old camper with special needs, then made up “Giddy Up” And “Off You Go!”  See the photos.

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