Summer Fun!

Aug 04, 2011
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“A child’s work is their play”. It is widely accepted that children develop strength and health through engaging in activities that work their hearts, lungs, muscles and whole body. Play that engages the whole child (thoughts, voice, body, imagination, creativity, friendliness, social interaction, and whole body) build a strong future for the child.

Group play in the water, in the park, in sand, in the forest, by a river, in the mountains and in the yard all lead to many gains for the child. Children learn to set and achieve personal goals through play. They engage fully and develop longer attention spans through self-led play. They learn to cooperate and share with others during play. And they develop physically, as well.

Physically, mentally, socially and emotionally, play is the work that children do to develop healthy futures.

You can learn more about camps and home leisure activities on the NCPAD website, by reading the publication, “Discover Leisure”: Educating a Child with Disabilities for a Fun-Filled Life.

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Author: Tanya