Pittsburgh: A City of Champions and Melting Pot of Talent

Jul 22, 2011
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Summer is that time of the year that offers us the time to explore, travel, and reconnect with relatives and friends. As for Right Fit trainers and staff, it provided the time to discuss designing a piece of fitness equipment that will make strength and endurance exercises easier for our clients with physical and mental disabilities.

I was impressed when Eric, my trainer, shared with me the completed drawings and designs. After he described all the exercise possibilities, I knew I was headed back home to Pittsburgh to contact the best man for the job! Michael, my brother-in-law and welder by trade, reviewed the drawings and the next thing I knew, I was learning about cutting and welding pieces of steel together.

It was exciting to watch this happen and see our fitness “thing” become a reality. During our lunch break I was given instructions that we would need to locate more materials such as pipes and a fabricator to bend the metal to complete the project. My sister and I searched the yellow pages and the next day we picked up measured pipes from Omslaer Steel and Builder Supply and dropped them off for final bending and shaping at Marstrand Industry.

Everything was gathered in less than a day. However, our time ran out and I had to head back to Chicago. In no way did I want to stop working on the Right Fit Slider. Like a proud parent, it will forever have a name and soon it will serve the Right Fit family and friends.

Again, I learned the importance of patience and that every worthwhile project takes time and energies of talented people. Maybe it is time for Eric, Joe, Steve, and Michelle to take the drive to Pittsburgh and share in this fabulous learning experience. Stay tuned for Phase II of the Slider, for I am sure more talent, energies and dreams will make this piece of equipment a reality… and I do hope the Right Fit Slider will benefit many!

Author: suzanne