Jul 18, 2011
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It is well documented that one third of American children and more than one half of adults remain overweight or obese.  It seems certain that technology will continue to give all of us more opportunities to stay connected and enjoy many conveniences of the computer age. 

However, I believe that without supervision and guidance there will be less interest and time for our youth to participate and enjoy the benefits of physical activities.  This is one of the reasons that whenever the weather permits, our youth fitness classes and camps will exercise outside. We call this portion of the class “Recreation,” which includes a variety of activities that offer change and relaxation.  Everyone, especially children, needs movement exploration and fun to improve their attitudes and establish daily fitness behaviors. In our chosen recreative pursuits we can enjoy a peaceful world, explore, create and socialize.  Our favorite outdoor spots are the neighborhood playgrounds.  Playgrounds offer all of nature’s natural healthy benefits of fresh air, vitamin D, and endless challenges and possibilities no matter your age or ability.  As I watch adults and children climb up the ladders and jump off benches I want to remind them about all the physical benefits like dynamic balance, gross motor coordination, strength, endurance and more! It’s also been proven by many that play and physical movement affects the body, mind, and soul positively and the only cost is time and imagination.  Yes, I do see every playground, park and backyard as a make-shift gym that offers an environment to play, create, and set daily goals. The only equipment one needs is their body and mind to plan an individualized fitness program.

More so, who can pass up the immediate, refreshed feeling of eager muscles, impulses and mental stability after a well planned session?  I don’t believe it can, or should, be overlooked in these days of a highly complex and complicated society.

Author: suzanne