Group Fitness is Fun!

Jul 07, 2011
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Don’t be afraid of a dance or a group aerobics class. Whether you have a limitation, a disability, or two left feet, Everybody has SOMETHING! YOU are the one that makes a class Great! Positive Energy is contagious! The BEST classes are the ones where you go left, and your neighbor goes right! Just keep moving and Enjoy yourself!

Listen to the music, And Breathe!…Really!, Breathe! One may not realize that they are holding their breath or just not exhaling as well as they could.

Hold on…You’re half way there! Always tell the instructor if you have a concern or limitation before class begins. Instructors will often offer a modification to a movement or just be aware of special circumstances with ones limited range of motion in the class.

However, IF, If for some reason find yourself in a room where a “Solid Gold Dancer” is teaching your class, and they are looking at themselves in the mirror more than at their students, Here are some key things to keep in mind . Your form is important. Keeping your abdominals in as much as possible through out the hour, with your shoulders down, lengthens the spine and keeps you balanced so that you may distribute your body weight evenly and not compensate for your “troubled or weaker side” as it is in my case as well as others.

Lead with the abdominals!… The Abs are your powerhouse, with the tummy in, you will find that you can reach further with your arms and legs, and expanding your range of motion. This takes the stress off of your knees and shoulders. Don’t forget to Breathe!

What’s happening now is that you are stretching the small stabilizer muscles that support the big muscles that you use when you walk…or even when you dance!…

In a Beginners/Gold Zumba class, Lead with your Abdominals and Move those Hips!

The hardest part of Zumba is keeping your tummy in and moving the rest of the body at the same time! Yes, there are lots of wide circular movements in Zumba. But you keep your movements shallow. I choose not to “jump” in my class and ask that instead, we lift from the upper torso, Abs lift UP into the rib cage, and we stretch from our calves, but, if someone is feeling fabulous-They are welcome to step up their speed and range for their own comfort level. Although the Latin dance is shaking the hips, All you have to do is “move your hips”. Don’t worry about the choreography all the time. Move your hips from side to side. Not necessarily shaking or rolling. Individuals with back issues for example, need to keep the knees soft with out locking and twisting. Marching in place is acceptable too! Why Not! If you are in a wheelchair, Dance with your hands-If feet go to the side, So Can your arms! And shimmy those shoulders! With your neighbors step, you may tap and point those toes instead if thats your strength! Finally, Listen to the music. Even if you do not understand the words, Move with the beat, Not necessarily with a number of counts. Focusing on the beat or tone in the song instead of counting can sometimes trick the brain into a smoother movement! Keep it Simple And Remember to Have Fun!

Author: Jennifer Burgess

  • Chacha

    Love the quick “how to” on keeping up with group exercise classes. I am in the process of becoming a certified group instructor and what I remember most is keep breathing and keep your form. Once you get so tired that you start performing a move incorrectly, you may run the risk of hurting a joint or muscle. That is why modifications are so important and I can’t wait to help people with all different fitness levels reach their goals.

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