What kind of people steal wheelchairs from little boys or little dogs?

Jun 21, 2011
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Sometimes the world seems to be full of sick and twisted people, but then the nameless, faceless knight-in-shining-armor types can restore our faith in humanity.

Eight-year-old Isiah De La Rosa has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk or speak. He lives on a second floor apartment with his parents. In what is a daily routine, his mother took his customized wheelchair from her van and parked it by the porch for Isiah’s dad to carry the boy downstairs, put him in the chair, and help him onto the school bus. Then she left for work. In the 20 minutes it took to for Isiah’s dad to carry him downstairs, someone had stolen the manual wheelchair.

Police could turn up no witnesses and no sign of the wheelchair. Without it, Isiah was missing school and therapy sessions. It would take about six months to get a new chair.


After this story hit the news, the EagleTribune reported that hundreds of telephone calls and emails poured in from individuals and organizations to help get Isiah a new wheelchair. Isiah’s former teacher, Jean Fothergill, and mother of another child with cerebral palsy, gave Isiah a wheelchair her daughter had outgrown. Fothergill said of the theft, “This is just so evil. I can’t believe people can be so mean and do a thing like that.”  Due to her “Pass it On” generosity, Isiah was able to return to school and the third grade for the first time after a week.

Meanwhile in a different state, another wheelchair was stolen from the front of a house. In this case, the wheelchair belonged to a dog. Dogster asked a great question, “What kind of person steals a dog’s wheelchair?”

The 12-year-old dog, Lucky, had lost the use of his hind legs after a car ran him over. His owner, Dave Feeney, said no one wanted to help Lucky after that. In fact, Feeney was told to let the dog die and leave him for the garbage men to pick up with the trash. Instead, he took Lucky to the vet and after the dog survived massive internal bleeding, Feeney took the dog home.

Feeney lives on social security payments and the cost of a new wheelchair for Lucky would have been at least an entire monthly check. Yet once again, good-hearted people stepped up and tried to help find a solution. HandicappedPets.com donated a custom-fitted doggie wheelchair.

Thank goodness there are still goodhearted people left in the world.

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