The Power of Choosing a Path

Jun 06, 2011
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We choose paths for ourselves both in moments of great tension as well as desire. We may choose these paths with care and calculation. Some of us have envisioned our paths from the tree houses and swing sets of our childhoods. Some of us have even been lucky enough to create new paths for themselves when the current one was washed away in a flood. And, shockingly enough, some of us never even open our eyes wide enough to see the very path we have been treading along this whole time.

As for me, my path has never been very clear until this year. I am thankful, however, for the insight of acknowledging that even such a path existed. As I searched under rocks and in between the disjointed thoughts in my mind, I quickly became frustrated with the notion that I had no idea where to even begin when searching for a new trail to wander. The Universe had made it discreetly clear enough to me that a change was in order, but it was not about to spill the beans about what, specifically, that would look like at all.

If it weren’t for the Universe and its unyielding ways, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog post, or any post at all. I probably wouldn’t have spent the time getting intimate with my own psyche, and I definitely wouldn’t have stumbled upon my truest path, the path that I was born to find and stroll down, picking up hints of breezes, scents, and wonderment all along the way. The Universe finally gave me one last chance to make that change for myself, and I was finally at a position where I understood its existence, felt its passion, and became brave enough to alter my direction entirely.

Due to circumstance and desire, I was able to create a new world for myself and I am completely confident that it is the exact place that I should be right now. I don’t need a monotone personal navigation system to tell me this. Everything just started coming together. It was like a giant crack was created in my previous reality, only to expose the brightness of a future that was mine for the taking in this perfect, present moment. Recognizing the fact that I have finally chosen a new path and then equally diving into it with all of the force and energy that my molecules could muster, catalyzed one fantastic event after another that have led me to this spot, right here. The sun is shining through me and I take a bouquet of excitement and joy with me, exhilarated by the current moment and hopeful for the next.

Now, even though everyone has these opportunities for change and transition, not everyone is willing to see them or to be open enough to tune their awareness within. However, once you are keen enough to see that a new path is needed for your journey, you will become far more susceptible to finding it. Having the will to change can be scary and daunting, but being true to your own self and your desired or even unbeknownst path can bring you to your most fulfilling and meaningful story that you will ever know.

Author: Ryan McLean

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