74-yr-old man refused accessible parking permit after having one for 3 years

May 12, 2011
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There are times when you read about something and you think, no way! Such is the case here. It can be challenging to a person’s patience to await an accessible parking permit, but what if you had one, your health further declined and then you were told no? A 74-year-old man has had an accessible parking permit for the last three years, but this time he was told no. Even when he added that he only needed it for another six months, since he’s dying of cancer, the council still refused.

In the UK, those accessible parking permits are called “disabled parking badges.” It seems that Terry Whiting was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and has been told that he only has six months to live. Terry had a “disabled parking badge” for the last three years, but this time he was told no.

This unbelievable story was related in the Daily Mail. 74-year-old Terry Whiting said:

“I told them I only wanted it for six months because that’s all I’ll be here for – I couldn’t believe it.

I can’t walk very far and if I could I wouldn’t want a blue badge.

I use my car to get around all the time and I would be lost without it.”

He added that driving is one of the only pleasures that he has left. Although he drives a mobility scooter – due to a back injury three decades ago – he drives his car to his daughter’s house to visit his six grandchildren.

Terry cannot receive medical treatment because the doctors have said there is nothing they can do for him. Six months ago, he had his house cleared out and was ready to die. At that time, he was living with his daughter. But then he began to feel a bit better and wanted to get out and about.

Terry said, “I had a blue badge anyway and now I have lung cancer on top of that. How bad has your health got to be? ”

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