2 Young Women Tortured, Murdered By Their Caretakers

Apr 28, 2011
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Sometimes news is so twisted and disturbing that it makes me sick and furious too. What is wrong with some people? While these two cases are unrelated, both of the young women with disabilities were tortured and killed by the people who should have loved and cared for them.

In New York, a man with a mild cognitive disability was convicted of raping, scalding and torturing his half-sister Laura Cummings who had a disability before their mother suffocated and killed her 23-year-old daughter. For the last two months of the young woman’s life, both the mother and brother kept her hooded and tied to a metal kitchen chair, reported the Associated Press. Laura, who was a 4-foot-10, 100-pound victim, was a tortured prisoner in her own home.

“No mother lived in that home,” attorney John Nuchereno said during closing arguments. “A devil lived in that house and had for years and years.” The mother, Eva Cummings, is serving a sentence of more than 50 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in an earlier trial.

Although the “level of sadism and depravity” brought the prosecutors to tears, and the step-brother, Luke Wright, was also a victim of his “personification of evil” mother, Wright’s attorney could not convince the jury that Wright wasn’t criminally responsible due to his cognitive disability.

Wright had given many confessions and prosecutors described them during the trial, describing how “Wright severely burned his half-sister’s face with a pot of boiling water from the stove, scalded her buttocks in a bathtub, regularly raped her and forcibly sodomized her with a broomstick. He would put a hood over her head because he said her staring bothered him.”

“The best day of Laura’s life was the day she died,” stated co-prosecutor Kristin St. Mary while crying. The jury, after deliberating for four hours, found the “32-year-old Wright guilty on 10 criminal counts of assault, rape, incest, sodomy, endangering the welfare of an incompetent person and unlawful imprisonment as a hate crime.”

In a different case, the Utah police are investigating the death of a 22-year-old woman. Christina “Nina” Harms, was brutally abused, tortured, crucified and then murdered by her primary caretaker and legal guardian.

Nina’s caregivers are accused of putting a pepper seed in her eyelid which would burn, but Nina’s hands were bound with bandages which would make it impossible to get the seed out. Her body was covered in bruises; her wrists and ankles had marks that appeared as if Nina was tied and kept shackled with plastic zipper ties. In a small closet that was protected by an alarm system, police found a metal bar where they believe Nina was hung crucifixion-style, arms bound to the bar with plastic ties, and then brutally abused.

“It is a very unusual, sad, tragic case,” Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal told AOL News. “It is sad to see that somebody could do this to another human being. You just don’t see people being treated like this.”

Deseret News reported that the police are still investigating the complex custody arrangement. Meanwhile, Cassandra Shepard along with Dale and Sherrie Beckering, were arrested in connection with Christina Harms’ death.

It’s hard to believe people can be so evil. However these cases should be teaching lessons, what needs to be done to prevent these events from further happening and ensure all people who are under the care of another individual lead happy and fulfilling lives?

Author: Tessa