ADA Township Board Raises Awareness

Apr 22, 2011
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The township of Barnegat in New Jersey is probably one of few that has an Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Advisory Board. Barnegat, which has a population of about 20,308, is very proud of their ADA advisory board. The goal is to bring awareness of the advisory board itself and help members of the township.

“We want to increase awareness of the fact that we have an ADA committee,” said member Charles Giles, “and we also want to assist those who are disabled and handicapped.”

The board’s current project is an initiative – to make driving and parking a little easier for the township’s residents who have disabilities while raising awareness of the ADA’s efforts. The ADA board members plan to sell car decals bearing the recognizable wheelchair symbol; along with a brief message of support from the board to residents who already have the disability access placards or license plates issued by the state Motor Vehicles Commission. The decals would be sold for $3 and will also help raise awareness of the ADA board’s efforts to increase accessibility to facilities all over the township. The board is always on the lookout for places to make improvements, whether its ramps or wheelchair-accessible port-a-johns at township ball fields.

“A little more notice to other drivers that a vehicle needs access is a good thing, said ADA board member Maxine Blumenthal.  My late husband needed a handicapped-accessible van; driving the van I often found designated parking spots were filled. That meant either hoping nobody parked next to me or having to reload the van in traffic … If I had one of those decals on the side, maybe the person parking next to me would have been more courteous.”

If the initiative is approved by the township administrator David Breeden, the ADA board hopes to start selling the tickets within a month, and offering them for purchase at the township’s municipal offices and at public events to residents who show their state-issued disabled person ID cards.

Barnegat Monthly Advisory Meetings are held every Third Wednesdays.

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Author: Jenny Carlton