A Cheerful Worker Raises Everyone’s Spirits!

Apr 05, 2011
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I know someone who never has a bad day at work. Or, maybe I should say- I know someone who never gives anyone else a bad day at work.

His job is to take away the trash, clean the trash barrels, clean the bathrooms, sweep, vacuum, and wash the floors.

He shows up on time, works efficiently and steadily, gets everything done before the end of his shift and leaves the work-closet ship shape at the end of it all.

He never fails to greet the staff by name, with a loud and hearty “Good morning!” He never fails to say, “Good night!” at the end of the day when he leaves. If you ask him if he had a nice weekend he will tell you about Choir or the latest ball game. But he never wastes time standing around or gossiping. He never has anything bad to say about anyone. In fact, he never talks about anyone else, at all.

This gentleman has to work around people on the phone who won’t let him vacuum, people clustered around the kitchen area he is trying to clean, people dropping things and dripping rain and snow melt on the floor he just washed. But I have never heard him say a word about it to anybody. (I, personally, would want to say, “Get your feet off my floor!”) But he just steadily works away with a will, getting things done well and on time.

I suppose that someone might say he has a disability, but I don’t see it that way at all! This guy gets my vote as the “Most Valued Employee”. In fact, I hope to learn how to be more like him every day.

Author: Tanya