12 What-Were-They-Thinking Accessibility Signs

Mar 22, 2011
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Are these handicap accessibility signs supposed to be funny or not? Here is a collection of 12 signs that make me wonder what-the-BLEEP-were-they-thinking. Were they attempting humor, or are they super insensitive, or plain old FAILs?

Beware of being eaten by crocodiles? It is posted in at a South African crocodile reserve  near St. Lucia National Park.

The restroom sign advises “disabled facilities in Tree Tops.” Seriously?

How nice to put a ramp for the first stair only.

What heck were they thinking?

Although I’d wager handicap drop-off does not mean being pushed down the stairs, the placement of this sign is a giant FAIL.

Author: Tessa

  • FlamingFields

    That first sign featuring the crocodile is posted at the top of a hill that leads directly down to a crocodile pit with rather short walls. So in effect, yeah, it’s saying that if you’re using a wheelchair there and you aren’t careful, it is indeed possible you can get eaten by a croc (and her friends).