Labels and Hope

Mar 14, 2011
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I believe our team of trainers understands the responsibilities of an all-inclusive fitness facility when I observe how they prepare and personalize every training session. Labels are not something we focus on. Instead, we strive to realize our purpose in quality personal service, in fitness and wellness. Information is gathered from the client and anyone involved so that to formulate a plan to achieve short and long term fitness goals.

I will never forget teaching my special needs fitness class and all of us watching from across the hall trainer/coach Eric Stone organizing and competing in a Power Lifting Competition. My class was in awe as we watched men, women of all ages, shapes and sizes cheering each other on as they achieved personal bests! At that moment I became an instant fan and active participant! As I began to workout with the team I was impressed with how Eric worked with all of his lifters, especially Sam. Sam was awkward maybe shy and about 30. He talked fast and appeared to have a lot going on in his head. I admired his dedication and more amazed at his strength in all three lifts. As a trainer I couldn’t help notice his turned out walking gait. I laughed when he loudly announced to Eric that the yellow ankle band exercise was the “hardest exercise he had ever done!” I could see that his constant need for sameness and loud but innocent side line remarks irritated some of the team members. And I would find myself smiling and then explaining his actions as innocent attention getting behaviors.

It was later shared that school had been a real struggle, planning a career even more pressure and then life throws him another curve ball! Sam was faced with a serious personal tragedy. Luckily, Sam had a safe place and a coach who would provide the attention for his very real and unexplained emotions about a world that is not “simple” I have witnessed many regain strength and focus and trust through a routine of weekly training, familiar faces, charts and most important commodore.

No doubt we live in fast paced times with more distractions and many diagnosis for every imaginable behavior and symptom. I can’t help but wonder and believe that an easier solution can be found by our willingness to touch someone’s life with patience and understanding.

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