Apple Dives into New Technology for Educating Students with Disabilities

Mar 08, 2011
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Apple may not have known how much the iPad would be a game changer in the way it could reach out and help people with disabilities. But it has done so time and again, including children with autism or other disabilities. But now Apple is interested in making it possible to deliver content to multiple users with varying disabilities, catering to each person’s specific needs in a classroom-like setting.

According to AppleInsider, Apple has filed a new patent application called “External Content Transformation” in which it outlines a new technology system that would cater to the unique needs of educating students with disabilities.  For example, a teacher would control a host device that is setup to push information in each format that is needed by each student with disabilities, like Braille, synthesized speech in whatever language needed, or larger font sizes.

In the patent application, Apple notes that computers are now very capable of accommodating the disabilities of individual users, with technologies like screen reading software and electronic Braille devices making it possible for visually impaired users to access a device.

But the company also realizes that these technologies only account for the disabilities and preferences of a single user at a time. In addition, technology designed for users with disabilities can be taxing on a local system, requiring the content to be transformed on the client machine according to a user’s needs and preferences.

Apple’s solution would have a host device that would have content in a number of formats that could accommodate specific disabilities of users, or user preferences. Multiple users would be able to experience content at the same time, each according to their own needs.

After the iPad 2 was unveiled, Apple released this video. It’s set to start at the portion talking about iPad assisting kids with autism at the Center for Communication Enhancement at Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

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