Woman Accused of Killing Her Son with Cerebral Palsy

Mar 07, 2011
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On Thursday, Migdalia Veras, 57, from Queens was charged with killing her son with cerebral plasy, Rene Veras, 38.  He was found stabbed to death in his apartment.  His mother has insisted that this was an assisted suicide.

According to Vera, her son was depressed because of his disability and asked her to help him commit suicide. In fact, he begged her to help him die. He used a motorized wheelchair and was able to walk around the apartment but he had trouble speaking. Cerebral Palsy is a developmental disability that affects body movements and muscle coordination. It is caused by brain damage during fetal growth.  As a result, people with cerebral palsy may not be able to ambulate, communicate, play, or eat in the same ways as most other people.  Due to their difficulty in communicating, people often assume that those with Cerebral Palsy have learning disabilities.  However, most people with Cerebral Palsy have above average intellect.

A neighbor told a local newspaper that Rene was not able to speak but replied to others by smiling.  Another neighbor  said “they were quiet people and that they were always together”.   However, a home caregiver who worked for people on the Vera’s floor said that she would frequently hear shouting from their apartment.

Authorities are charging Migdalia Vera with second degree murder.  When the police arrived, Rene Vera was lying face up with knife wounds in his chest.  Two knives were found: one on his chest and one on the floor near his bed.  The police also stated that she put a pillow over his face.  After she killed him, she tried to kill herself by slicing her wrists and stabbing herself.  Investigators believe that Migdalia Vera had killed him after a disagreement.  She is currently at New York Hospital in Queens where she remains in a state of stability.

Author: Melissa

  • Kmlmommy

    Oh my gosh this is absolutely horrible. My son has CP and I could never imagine taking his life. Things get tough and frustrating at times with him but never have I ever thought about laying a hand on him. He is truly a gift from God. People with disabilities teach us things that we would otherwise never have learned. My son has taught me to love unconditionally and given me the ability to accept the things that I cannot change.  

  • LOnelyCP

    God i wish you were my mom. I have CP & was physically & mentally abused by my parents my whole life. My diagnosis was delayed so much of my ‘quirks’ were attempted to be beaten out of me. How nice it must be to have you as a mom who wouldn’t ever ‘think about laying a hand on him’. I’m actually jealous of yoru son. Best of all, I’m stuck and still live with one parent now… the 1 who admits the wrongs done to me my whole life, albeit. Sometimes i think nonverbal get better care because Doctors assume automatically the heavy medical workload required, vs people like me are left to fend for ourselves and coordinate things more because we look/talk like we can handle it despite not having the full brain connections (ie: i gave up trying to find a doctor to treat my pain instead of telling me to suck it up, i give up trying to get a new wheelchair through all the hooops, i give up trying to tell doctors i’ve been bleeding in my urine for a year please help me (they dont – they just insist its temporary. fleeting. i must be cathing wrong. or not enough. or too much. or…). I’m sure your an ace at scheduling his medical appts too. Respect+1 to you allstar mom