Mom vs. Modern Medicine

Feb 09, 2011
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Last week in Delaware County, Philadelphia a 16-year old boy by the name of Mazeratti Mitchell was injured in a high school wrestling match.  Mazeratti was flipped over and hit his head during a practice match that resulted in him lying motionless on the floor for several minutes.  After being rushed to the hospital, doctors examined the boy and suggested both steroids and surgery to stabilize Mazeratti’s spine – with the hope of minimizing any potential bruising and paralysis.  Mazeratti’s parents refused to follow the doctors recommendations, and instead his mother (who is a herbal healer) is planning to utilize homeopathic methods such as “Herbs, reflexology and spine manipulation” to treat their son.

Apparently the Delaware County’s Child and Family Services didn’t agree with the family’s decision and consequently is suing for medical custody of Mazeratti.  The County has temporary custody over Mazeratti, however the parents are in the process of getting a lawyer to represent their side of the case.  What will Mazeratti’s outcome be and who is in the best position to make the necessary decisions about his medical course of treatment?  Considering that Mrs. Mitchell is planning to use liquid chlorophyll as one of many herbal remedies for her son’s condition, I for one am very concerned about this young man’s outcome (as he is a person and not a plant).  Mazeratti is a young man with a long life in front of him.  I hope that he will experience a full recovery that is enabled by people with medical expertise and knowledge.

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    No Morden medcins will work. As herbs are really gr8 to have and they don’t have ant side effects. I would prefer you to go to modern medicine if you are at last stage, but remember if you know what you are suufring from and it’s the begining, then herbs are gr8 to have….

  • BobLujano

    It will be interesting to see what the courts decide. Either way, I pray the young man gets well soon.