Feb 08, 2011
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Over the past few months we have heard so much about “how terrible the economy is and how impossible it is to find work”- but I, for one, don’t believe it!

If you look into the figures, the most current data shows that U.S. companies say they are planning to hire more workers, and expect economic growth to pick up in the first months of 2011, according to a survey released on Jan. 24.

The National Association for Business Economics reported that the hiring outlook for the next six months is at a 12-year high. Almost half of all big companies surveyed said that they plan to hire more workers over the next six months (which is a 13% increase in what the same companies said last year at this time.

Over half of the companies said that they were not going to let anyone go, even if they were not growing. It is a great time to find work.

If you are looking for work, there are several interesting websites that offer some helpful suggestions to consider. One of these “” makes the following suggestions:

1. When filling in the form only declare your disability if the form asks for it. You can let them know about it when you get the interview.

2. Contact government agencies that serve people with disabilities – sometimes they can help with job hunting.

3. Get your training and/or skills up to date.

4. Work on your resume- make sure you have some volunteer service on  your list of experience, if you have not had the chance to work recently.

5. Let people know you are looking for work. Most of us find work through the people we know.

6. Don’t let yourself get discouraged. It takes everyone a lot of time and effort to find work.

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Good luck! You go get ‘em!

Author: Tanya

  • Renee R Young

    Thank you for your encouragement and practical suggestions. You give people hope.

  • Renee R Young

    Thank you for your encouragement and practical suggestions. You give people hope.

  • Tanya

    Thank you for your comment. After it posted I wondered if I should have put a hopeful picture at the bottom or beside the gray picture of a lady looking for work in the classified ads. I appreciate hearing from you!

  • BobLujano

    Another idea is to find an organization that takes volunteers. There are times when an opening can happen and they are looking for someone right away. You could be the beneficiary.