The Power of Vision

Feb 07, 2011
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Vision is, by far, one of the most relied on senses, yet how come when creating goals and outlining passions do we so often lose this extremely important sense of sight?

Until recently, I didn’t quite understand nor grasp the concept of a vision board—1) because I didn’t see the benefits of making a display about those dreams, and 2) because I was nervous about sharing those dreams that slumber deep within me.

So, against some of my own better judgment, I channeled my inner kindergartner and made cut-outs and colored and printed until I had constructed a masterpiece of my heart. My vision board was constructed, very strategically, on a cork board, enabling me to change and alter at will. This board produced not only irritable paper cuts, but a kind of nervousness previously unfelt by any sulcus in my brain. I was anxious about the messages that this board portrayed. Yes, I am trying to make it to the 2012 Paralympic Games in swimming. Yes, I have won those medals. Yes, I do have the rankings. Yes, I do care about the possibilities and the leadership and the health… BUT these are all things that I had intentionally always kept out of showcase of others.

I have always remained quite modest in my thirty years on this planet. Any recognition or praise that I have received, most certainly did NOT come from me.  Perhaps it is simply in my nature, or yet another quirk that socialization and spinal cord injury has blessed me with. Nonetheless, I was extremely uneasy with the universe knowing what was in my heart. So, with this neon sign of a vision, I took a deep breath and posted the board for all to see.

The power of putting tangible claims to your dreams and goals is immense. This vision and its board created an almost immediate reaction and interaction. Call it a coincidence if you’d like; however, I know better.

Within a matter of a few days, I was named Colorado Sportswoman of the Year in Swimming and local media was hot on my trail for an interview. In order to get the acknowledgement you deserve, you need to see it first for yourself. I am continually adding to my vision board and sharing its contents and message to anyone open enough to listen.

I suppose the moral of this story is to get it out there. Be proud. Let it be known. Express your vision the best way you know how. Now.

Author: Ryan Rae McLean