Special Place in Hell for 2 Nursing Home Workers?

Feb 01, 2011
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On the outside looking in, nursing home care can appear to be fine. There are hundreds of good nursing home workers for each bad one. Yet healthcare abuse happens all too often and can go unnoticed. This story is beyond sick and there’s surely a special place in hell for these two women.

An elderly man lying naked on the floor. An elderly topless woman lying in bed wearing a diaper. Another naked senior sitting on the toilet with beads around his neck.

Two women’s sick secrets were discovered after a lost cell phone was turned in to Pigeon Forge Care and Rehabilitation Center. The nursing home administrators found photos and videos of nude, helpless patients while trying to find out to whom the phone belonged, reported the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Two certified nursing assistants, Mary Ann Burgess and April Longmire, had duties such as helping patients dress, changing and feeding adults with severe disabilities. Many of the patients also suffered from mild dementia to severe Alzheimer’s.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Agent T.J. Battle testified that some of the pictures showed patients naked on the floor, in their beds or in the bathroom. Other photos were of patients trying to eat as food fell from their mouths. Agent Battle also testified that while interviewing the women, both of them admitted to taking the photos and said the phone belonged to Longmire.

Believe it or not, Longmire called the patients “adorable” said the photos were for her own personal memories. Her attorney claimed she should only get probation since Longmire “showed remorse” and “it wasn’t put on Facebook.” Longmire told the judge, “I realized later what I did was wrong, but at the time I didn’t know that.”

The TBI determined the two women had taken “numerous nude and degrading photos of elderly patients, some dating back to 2007. Some of the photos included shots of patients sitting on the toilet and lying naked on the floor.”

According to the Knoxville New Sentinel, one of the victim’s daughter pointed at photos both women had taken of her mother and cried from the stand, “She was more helpless than a newborn baby. She could only move four fingers. She was never the same after those two sickos done what they done to her. She was scared of everyone.”

The defense asked for the maximum penalty, two years, saying the photos taken for “pleasure and excitement” of Longmire and Burgess. The judge sentenced the both women to two years in prison and banned them from ever working in a health care facility again.

This reminded me of the four L.A. suspects wanted in connection to 100 hours of graphic video footage of men assaulting women with disabilities. Surely there is a special place in hell for all such sickos.

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  • http://elvnprograms.org Angie (LVNProgramsStudent)

    That’s ridiculous and people like that should get the maximum penalty surely two years really isn’t enough for this type of scum. I simply can’t believe what I’m reading this is awful and awful doesn’t even do this situation just this, I really hope that everyone inside the big house hears about what they did to get in there and really chin checks em, so to speak.